Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kabir - What is "Satnaam", Our True Identity

On my trip from Denver back to California I was reading Rabindranath Tagore's book, "Songs of Kabir" and I happened to come across a beautiful definition of Satnaam or "True Name" ...

"Satinam hai sab te nyara"

THE true Name is like none other name!
The distinction of the Conditioned from the Unconditioned is but a word:
The Unconditioned is the seed, the Conditioned is the flower and the fruit.
Knowledge is the branch, and the Name is the root.
Look, and see where the root is: happiness shall be yours when you come to the root.
The root will lead you to the branch, the leaf, the flower, and the fruit:
It is the encounter with the Lord, it is the attainment of bliss, it is the reconciliation of the Conditioned and the Unconditioned.

- Translated by Tagore