Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brittany - Gratefulness is the mark of an Angel

My dear Guru has removed my fog and has told me there are angels to guide my path, and that they are all around you. This is a story of how I found Brittany, an angel with bigger wings than normal.

First I saw a description on her twitter:
Brittany "Everywhere at once"
"Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music -- the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls."

Such a quote tells you that the person has likely understood the principle of Oneness, "Ekonkar." You know that the person has learned well. They have read a lot and picked this out of everything that they liked. But learning well is not enough. Knowing Ekonkar, that One is all, is not enough. You need to have shed your Ego. You need to be grateful. You need to understand that you were not born with wisdom, that you learned it; and be thankful to where the wisdom came from. Those are true learners, or "Sikhs" -- the disciples of life. Gratefulness is a general sign of learners, one's who have truely understood "Ekonkar Gurprasad." These are angels in bliss.

So I asked her a question. You can call it a trick question, a test, whatever you want. I have been asking this question quite a lot these days. (I used it last week with a person who had read so much, but found that he was too full of himself. Just wanted to talk now. Listening was not his style). So this is what I asked:
"I love your philosophy (twitter description). Where did you learn it from?"
And she responded:
"hey, glad you like it! it's actually from a quote by Henry Miller. Have a great day :))"
Aha -- she is giving credit to someone else. And there was a strange absence of Ego in her message. Somewhat intrigued, I started looking at her blog. And after what I read, I rubbed my eyes. There I found the essence of my dear Guru Nanak's words in her description of herself.

I watch,
I learn,
and I experience ...

taking in
all my surroundings
with an open mind.

I find life
quite beautiful
and am
so grateful
to be here ...

Is not it amazing that this description sounds like a poem, a song? If you don't understand how to live by "Ekonkar Gurprasad," read the above poem again. This is the result of a deep understanding of my dear Guru's message.

And so intrigued I went through her blog. What so many people call "God", and get a lot of people, including themselves, confused. Thats why I don't define Ekonkar as God. That is just confusing. Here is how she defines it: "Wisdom". Here is a description of "God" by a thorough student who understands the bliss of life:

you alone
have sent me here

you alone
know my purpose

you alone
know the path

oh great Wisdom,
guide me through this life

Check out her other writing at Then check where she learns from, a blog of quotes: If you aspire to understand like her, she even provides a list of what she reads:

There are some that become angels for short periods of time, just so I can learn. And then there are those like Britanny who are angels all the time, and have become angels in a very short time in life. I try to find such angels everyday; the ones with large wings are hard to find living. I am fortunate to have found Brittany and look forward to learning from her.