Sunday, February 13, 2011

Know what you say - A tale from Mahabharata

The Pandavas and Kauravas, when young used to study in the same Gurukul under the supervision of Dronacharya. Dronacharya was once teaching them a lesson "Anger is bad for health." He asked all students to repeat after him. Everyone did.

Next day, he asked everyone to repeat the lesson learnt yesterday. All the students did, except Yudhistir, the eldest Pandav. When asked why he did not repeat the lesson, Yudhishtir said "I forgot yesterday's lesson" Dronacharya taught the lesson to him again "Anger is bad for health."

This went on for a few days, finally Dronacharya's temper reached its height and he slapped Yudhishtir. To which Yudhistir said "Now I remember the lesson." Dronacharya, apparently surprised, asked what was wrong with him. Yudhistir replied "I believe in education, which I can use in my life. For so many days you have been teaching us 'Anger is bad for health'. But today when you slapped me out of ANGER, my instant reaction should have been to feel angry at you, which I didn't. That is why, I said, now I remember the lesson because I am sure I can implement it in my life."


Reading without comprehension doesn't make you learned. Simran without understanding doesn't attain you bliss.

Don't repeat a name like the parrot who knows not what he speaks.

Know what you say.