Monday, February 14, 2011

Natalie Brown - A valentine's gift and unrandom beauty

I love to make note of some of the best music I am hear that inspires me. Lately, I have been thinking of writing something on Natalie Brown (  Last night she gave me the perfect reason to ... she has a free song up today for valentines day: "I knew you were the one."  Make use of this opportunity and join her mailing list (you will get an email with the download link after signing up):

Natalie has been singing since she was 5, what a breath of fresh air her songs are.  All of them! She is a very hard working musician and is a perfectionist, a combination that results in awesome music in my opinion. She has a heart piercing voice and beautiful arrangements in her songs.  And on top of that, Natalie is very helpful and a genuine friend. An angel.

Usually an album has one or two good songs, and the rest are garden variety.  This is not true of Natalie's new album Random Thoughts.  Its quite unrandomly beautiful throughout.  Whether it is "I wonder", "Come Closer", and "Things that you do" -- and its hard not to fall in love with "Around the world." On Reverbnation (widget below), you can hear previews of several of her songs and you can download a full version of "I wonder".  I highly recommend  buying this album from itunes:

Oh ... and one more thing.  Whether you are a musician or a listener, you will learn a lot from Natalie if you watch her videos.  They include some of her music, commentary on where her music is going and interesting commentary on life in general along with thought provoking questions --