Monday, February 14, 2011

Raag Bhairavi says "I miss you" - Aa jaa O Aa Sajana (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan)

My wife will be back from work soon. I was reminded of a Raag Bhairavi song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan  while waiting for her.

Raags in Indian classical music exhibit very specific emotions, beyond just "happy" and "sad".  While this is known by some musicians, the emotions are de-emphasized in text books.  But they are more important than notes.

When someone is desperately missing one's love because they are far away, we sing Raag Bhairavi.  Whether it is "Ka Karoon sajni" more than 60 years ago, or the more recent Rahat Fateh Ali Khan song "Aa Ja O Aa Sajana" the same message is carried by the music.  This is the raag in which "Heer" is sung in Punjab.

Here is a poem inspired by the song:

Come my love, come.
Come my love, come.

Your priceless laugh
has stayed with me
My heart you've taken
but its ache is still with me

My love is lost
My eyes tiresome
Come my love, come.
Come my love, come.

So very pretty
is your love's trick
so what if it 
made my soul sick

I do not know
What will happen 
My eyes still call
Come my love, come.

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