Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Susan Guy: A pizza a day, can save your life

Apparently there is proof that a pizza a day can save a life. When an 82 year old woman stopped calling for her usual thin crust pepperoni pizza, Susan Guy, the local pizza delivery person visited her and saved her life.  Mother Teresa used to say the need for love in this world is far more than the need for food. My dear Guru Gobind Singh says "Only one who loves realizes God" (see "Prem" in my list of songs).  Our purpose in life is to sing Ekonkar, the principle of Oneness.  Showing your love is one of most beautiful ways of singing Ekonkar, making Susan Guy my angel today.  

For most people, eating a large Domino's pepperoni pizza every day would likely send you into an early grave.For 82-year-old Jean Wilson, however, her penchant for the Italian meal probably saved her life.  The Tennessee pensioner has ordered the same pizza every day for the last three years.

When a Domino's delivery driver heard she had not placed an order in three days, she insisted her boss allowed her to go around and check on her. 

Now Susan Guy has been labelled a hero after she discovered Mrs Wilson, who lives alone, had fallen and was unable to get up or reach a phone.

Before Monday's incident, few of the 82-year-old's neighbours knew anything about her, except that she has eaten pizza every day for the past three years.

Assistant manager of her local Domino's store Dale Rosado said: 'She is the first customer to call every day without fail. 'She always orders a large, thin crust pepperoni pizza and two diet cokes.' Ms Guy said: 'We make her pizza every day before she even calls, because we know she's going to call. 'But my boss told me today she hadn't called in three days.' She insisted to her boss that she be allowed to check on Mrs Wilson.

She said: 'He was like, "Naw, you don't have to do that," and I said, "Yeah I do. Clock me out if that's what you gotta do".'

When Susan Guy arrived at Mrs Wilson's house and knocked on her door, no one answered. Getting no response after banging on her windows she went to neighbour Larry Comeaux's house for help. He said: 'The pizza lady came over and knocked on the door wanting to know if I'd seen the lady across the street.'

Ms Guy added: 'And he said, "No, maybe she's not home." And I said, "Well, not home? How many times have you see her leave?" And he goes, "Never".' She then called 911 and when the police arrived they broke down Mrs Wilson's door and found her lying on the floor inside. It turned out that she had fallen on Saturday and could neither get up or reach a telephone for help.

Investigators said that it's likely her pizza-only diet saved her life. Ms Guy said: 'I'm just a pizza deliverer, that's all. I really hope she gets well soon. She treats us really well and appreciates us. And that's something we don't get in customers a lot.'

Mrs Wilson was kept overnight in St Francis hospital for observation but was not in critical condition. Spokesman for Domino's Tim McIntyre said: 'It's hard to put in words, it is so touching. We are so proud of Susan. We are going to make sure we welcome Mrs Wilson back home when she is better.'