Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yaiza Varona - Inshallah

Yaiza Varona, a musicologist and composer from Tenerife (the most populous of the Canary islands, Spain), just posted a new track, Inshallah. I think it is a must listen (and bookmark Yaiza's website on your computer):

Many times, I see fusion musician taking eastern instruments and create music that is novel, but not necessarily pleasing to the eastern ears. This is not true of this awesome track, and Yaiza's music in general. I love the sarod that joins in later on. If you get to know Yaiza a bit, you will find that her music, pure and beautiful, is only a reflection of her soul.

This is how she describes what "Inshallah":

For all what we wish and leave in the hands of God. For all the hope in precious projects, for all what's new and unknown, for all the brand new starts and the funny coincidences. For all the familiars wishing well, for all our faith growing warmer in our chests, for all the unexpected curves in the road and the surprises they bring. For the ability to surpass them with health and joy ... Inshallah

Inshallah means "God willing." Canadian poet Leonard Cohen describes Inshallah in his famous song, If it be your Will. And that is what my dear Guru Nanak teaches in his first two steps to the realization of inner peace. It reminds me, again, that the purpose of life is to sing. Thanks Yaiza!