Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 ways to make donations for Japan Victims

In addition to reading and sharing the spiritual poem "Sunrise After 8.9", Here are 10 ways to making donations for Japan's 8.9 quake victims.

1. Text to donate:
The American Red Cross has again launched a texting campaign to raise money for relief efforts in the Pacific region. To donate to the American Red Cross for Japan Earthquake Relief, text REDCROSS to 90999. Each text will provide $10 towards the Red Cross’s humanitarian efforts.

2. Donate through Causes/Facebook

3. Donate to United Nations Central Relief Fund:

4. Send money to Red Cross using google:

5. Donate through World Vision
World Vision Online Donation

6. Donate via iTunes:

7. Donate to Unicef

8. Donate to Habitat.org

9. Buy virtual goods through Second Life:

10. Through Farmville/Zynga:


Using Twitter: Tweet with special earthquake hashtags in Japanese

When tweeting, consider using the following hashtags to help identify your tweet.
#Jishin: General earthquake information
#J_j_helpme: Requests for rescue or other aid
#Hinan: Evacuation information
#Anpi: Confirmation of safety of individuals, places, etc.
#311care: Medical information for victims