Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kathy Vajda - Beauty of Life

Today Kathy Vajda is my angel for explaining, in her own words, what I mean when I say "the purpose of life is to sing." The purpose of life is to sing the positives in lives so loud that noise of negatives is not audible. Kathy also shares my philosophy on where our music really comes from; we have very little to do with it; music is a gift from God and his angels, like Kathy. She reaffirms that greatness is gained by losing ego. Here is what she says:

I have always looked at life like music ... If you can take the negative in your life and play it in a more positive note than you can hear and see the beauty in everything.

I have been playing guitar & singing for about 30 years. I enjoy writing songs and also performed the leading role as "My Fair Lady". I was a member of the Marian Theater Guild for a few years. I have worked as an Recreational Director for about about 23 years. A special thanks to Mike who has helped me in organizing this site. I am looking forward to sharing some of my music. My gift is my songs and these songs are for you. I have always wanted to share my music and "pay it forward" which is one way of giving back something special through my songs which are a gift from God. I hope that in my words I sing...I will share the joy and love I feel in my heart. Bless you all on your music journeys. Kathy

To hear her beautiful music, visit her reverbnation profile: