Friday, July 1, 2011

Alice Leonz - Harmony Queen of Prem, Thats Amore

Alice Leonz recently sang with me for the first time in "Prem - Amore" - a new arrangement of an earlier composition.

She is SOOOO good. Within a very short time of hearing the song she came up with a harmony for it, recorded it and sent it. And she sang quite well. Apart from that Alice is very friendly and helpful. She was one of the first people I met on Kompoz and she helped me a lot getting around the website and introducing me to musicians. She really went out of her way. She is a genuinely good human being. Everytime I interact with her, she brings a smile to my face. Such talent without an ego is born of pure love.

Therefore, today, I am pleased to say that she is an angel who teaches me how to sing. The song of life is to be sung with enthusiasm and love. And Alice can help anyone sing that song. And that she literally sings so sweetly is bonus! Get to know her better and you will then know what I mean.

I encourage you to visit her website: Here you should do at least two things:
(1) listen to her beautiful music on reverbnation

(2) hit "like" on her facebook artist page.

The purpose of life is to sing and I am so grateful to have angels like Alice to teach me.