Monday, July 4, 2011

April Morone ('Annika Doe'): The Shining Hour - A Poem

April Morone ('Annika Doe') is today my angel, not just for writing this poem that I love, but also for leading and creating a loving community of poets. Thanks April! The purpose of life is to sing, and angels like April are here to teach me how to sing with others harmoniously. Here is her beautiful poem, "The Shining Hour":

"The Shining Hour"

I look out at the crowd
And see
Everyone, looking at me

And I slightly tremble,
Behind that beautiful, red velvet curtain
Praying to God a plea

I hear "Fur Elise" played elegantly
The pianist putting her all into it, completely
And I then give myself into its melody to calm me
Then take deep breathes as I'm signaled to get ready

I nervously walk up to take my place
At center stage
And as I start to play
Calmness settles in and stays

Because I am enveloped in beauty-
Music a beauty that only I can see-
such sweetness that I hear as it pours out of me
into the well crafted piano keys

I give into that beauty,
And put all of me
Into it, effortlessly,
As my hands caress these piano keys

With the notes and emotions that pour out of me,
All else is gone away from me-
The sights and sounds of people looking at me,
The shimmering of my silk dress and jewelry,

As the light shines down, softly-
Only those looking at me
notice this subtlety
because I am too immersed in my poetry [of music]

Then, I finish the piece
and am brought back by my family and niece
All clapping for me
It is my shining hour before everybody

I smile and silently take it all in
noting that music is the real one to win
for without it,
I am not complete, within

This is Music's shining hour

Author: April Morone ('Annika Doe')