Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seene Main Jalan - Translation

Listening to the great Suresh Wadekar today ... among male singers in Bollywood, he is probably the most refined in his classical technique. Here is a translation of Seene main jalan. Its a ghazal in form (end of first two lines of the first couplet and the second line of each couplet rhymes):


Storm in my eye, burning in my chest, why?
In this town, every person seems upset, why?

If there is a heart, let it find a reason to beat
Like a stone it sits numb and lifeless, why?

Is there a new thing he sees in me
the mirror stands surprised today, why?

Which path of loneliness is this my friends?
Until the vision goes, there is wilderness, why?

Original Lyrics:
seene mein jalan aankhon mein tufaan saa kyon hain ?
is shahar mein har shaks pareshaan saa kyon hain ?

dil hain to, dhadakane kaa bahaanaa koee dhoondhe
patthar kee tarah beheesa-o-bejaan saa kyon hain ?

tanahaee kee ye kaunasee, manzil hain rafeekon
taa-hadd-ye-najar yek bayaabaan saa kyon hain ?

kyaa koee nayee baat najar aatee hain hum me
aaeenaa humei dekh ke hairaan saa kyon hain ?