Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rumi's Unforgettable Poem - Eternity

Staring at the space
You traverse the universe
Counting all the time
Your entity, eternity.

How many more dimensions 
he has no faint clue
How can shiv fathom? 
How can he sing you?

What is that scent
That pulls me toward you
What is in that soul
That makes me forget mine
What is in that heat
That puts my fire to shame
What is in that touch
That makes my heart race
What is in that voice
That casts the spell on me

What is in that dream
That makes me wish I would never wake up

What is in that desire
That makes me put my life in line
What is in that after life
That makes me say goodbye to this one
Maybe because you are the eternity
And this life is a very short one