Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to respond sweetly to hatred - Kirtstie Alley @kirstiealley

This is based on the following Twitter interactions:

@toddkkk_sc: Kirstie are you still a scientologist? Is that a cult?
@kirstiealley: No its a nightclub

@toddkkk_sc: Kirstie hahaha! are you still going to the nightclub?

@kirstiealley: I"m the DJ

It is ridiculous when people question other people's faith or absence thereof (see the photo). Such people need to be ignored. But even better is when someone gives them a response that is befitting the hatred that sparked the question. I love that kind of singing. Responding sweetly without is more beautiful than ignoring plainly.

I don't believe in scientology. But I believe every individual has the right to believe whatever they want to. There should be no prohibition on thinking. There can't be.

At the same time, I don't believe in remaining quiet on such hatred or bullying. I believe in standing up for your own right as well as others. But there is no reason to get agitated. Its best to remain pleasant. Because the world knows. It is transparent to humanity who is being intolerant. And its your prerogative to speak out against intolerance. The purpose of life is to sing. Sing sweetly against hatred.