Friday, January 17, 2014

Satnam defined by Emily Dickinson - Finite Infinity

Emily Dickinson on solitude.

There are many kinds of solitude. There is the solitude of space, of all the planets and stars in the sky quietly being.  The solitude of the sea experienced by those laying on the beach listening to the waves.  The solitude of death, when a loved one departs.  But for every solitude in the society of solitudes, there is a solitude that is profounder, one that is different - has a different polarity. And that is a soul admitted to itself.  Ekonkar!  The oneness, that is finite, one, yet infinite, and endless.  Finite infinity.  Ekonkar.  What a beautiful definition of Ekonkar.  And a startling observation that the soul admittance to one's self is that Ekonkar.  The true identity of self.  Satnam.  

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