Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bajre Da Sitta - Translation


Baajre daa siTTaa,
ve asaaN talii te maroRiyaa
ruThRaa jaaNdaa maahiyaa
ve asaaN galee vichoN moRiyaa
baajre daa siTTaa

Just like I twist a cob of millet between my palms
I made my angry lover return using my charms
A cob of millet..

kaale kaale baddal aa’e chukkii jaaNR hanerii
aj naaN saathoN russiiN T_holaa (Dholaa) sauN e tainuuN merii
chhamaa-chham miiNh payaa vasse ... shaavaa ... javaanii khiR khiR hasse
es rutte sohNRaa k_haroN (gharoN) kise naa vii chhoRiyaa
baajre daa siTTaa ...

Dark black clouds are gathering, wind flowing through their wings
Do not be angry with me today, love, promise me this one thing
Pitter patter are the drops of rain falling from the sky, how lovely!
With my exuberant youth, in the midst of all, here am I, how lovely!
Does anyone abandon their sweet heart in this intoxicating season?
A cob of millet ...

3) muR muR teriyaaN b(h)aavaaN phaRdii mintaaN karaaN maiN lakhkhaaN
je pichoN sii akh p_huaaNRii kyoN laaiyaaN saNR akhkhaaN
ve laggii toR ve T_holaa ... shaavaa ... meraa dil moR ve T_holaa
k_haRii (ghaRii) k_haRii de rose(*2) ve s(h)aaDaa la(h)uu ve nachoRiyaa
baajre daa siTTaa

Again and again I grab your arms, and plead with you time after time
If you were going to turn away your eyes, why that gaze the first time?
Ok, break this bond of love, yes go on, and return back to me my heart
I am sick of these frequent bouts of anger, for they are tearing me apart
A cob of millet ...

4) raah jaaNde saiN chheR gayaaN jad o din tainuuN p_hulaa (bhullaa)
merii ruup javaanii utte dil teraa sii Dullaa
jadoN saiN nain milaaNdaa ... shaavaa ... baRe saiN tarle paaNdaa
toR gayaa saiN vaNgaaN (*2)naale hath machkoRiyaa
baajre daa siTTaa

Have you forgotten the day when, minding my business I was going along?
But seeing my youth and beauty you poured out your feelings as if in a song!
You got in the habit of exchanging glances, always pleading, do you understand
Truth is, in all this excitement, once you broke my bangles and twisted my hand
A cob of millet...

5) bin tere merii sunnii dunyaa jyoN p_hauraa-bin (bhauraa-bin) kaliyaaN
raah utte maiN nain vichhaa ke khalii ravaaN vich galiyaaN
te tuuN naa aaveN T_holaa ... shaavaa ... baRaa taRpaaveN T_holaa
nit de vichhoRe (*2), ve maahiyaa dil s(h)aaDaa toRiyaa
baajre daa siTTaa ...

Desolate is my world without you! I am a nightingale without its flower
My eyes are fixed on the road in your expectation and I have no power
But you don't appear, what misfortune! You do torment me, my dearest
These ever-occurring separations have broken my heart, oh my dearest
A cob of millet ...