Saturday, January 28, 2017

Alternative meaning for "Saranjaam Laag Bhavjal Taran Kai"

I'm researching "Sar-anjaam" which is used by Guru Arjan Dev in a poem, "Sar-anjaam Laag Bhavjal Taran Kai." While most translations say it means "getting ready," based on its classical usage the meaning is closer to end result/complete.  So the meaning of the line goes from "Get ready to cross the ocean of life" to "Complete Ocean Swim to" -- and so in addition with the first meaning, an alternative meaning of the line is "Complete yourself to swim the ocean of life."  And then "Saranjaam Laag" - "complete yourself" becomes a mantra by itself that can be meditated upon. This makes sense because it rhymes with several other phrases in the poem.