Monday, August 7, 2017

Wich Rohi de Randiyan - Khwaja Ghulam Fareed Kafi - Translation

विच्च रोही दे रहन्दियां

विच्च रोही दे रहन्दियां ।नाज़क नाज़ो जट्टियां ।
रातीं करन शिकार दिलें दे ।डेहां वलोड़न मट्टियां ।
गुझ्झड़े तीर चलावन कारी ।सै सै दिल्लड़ियां फट्टियां ।
कर कर दरदमन्दां कूं ज़खमी ।है है बधन न पट्टियां ।
छेड़न भेडां बक्करिया गाईं ।ले ले गाबे कट्टियां ।
कई मसकीन मुसाफर ।चौड़ कीतो ने तरट्टियां ।
धूई दार फ़कीर थ्यु से ।फ़खर वड्डाईआं स्ट्टियां ।
हउं दिलबर दै कुतड़े दर दै ।बिरहों पईआं गल गट्टियां ।
मूझे फ़रीद मज़ीद हमेशा ।अज्ज कल्ह खुशियां घट्टियां ।

There in the Rohi desert 
Live soft and cute country girls (Juttiyan),
They (Juttiyan) attack their prey (Hearts of strangers) during night hours,
While in the daytime they wander around in wasteland.
They (Juttiyan) throw their sharp spears,
Hundreds of innocent hearts they lacerate,
They injure the pitiable natives,
Alas, they don’t bandage the wounded people after that.
They (Juttiyan) engage in recreation with sheep and goats and cows,
And lambs and oxen and Buffalos,
They have ambushed many meek visitors,
Who failed to break out the trap,
I became a celebrated saint,
But my pride made me low
I am a dog on my beloved’s door
Separation is like a strap around my neck,
O Farid! My sorrows are ever increasing
Bliss has diminished these days.